Monday, May 16, 2011

Box Score Bytes - Game 39

1) Who is Clayton Mortensen? Giant Slayer? Well he did pitch in Oakland so he does have a hatred for the other side of the Bay. Strangest link to this is that the Cardinals traded him to Oakland as part of the deal that sent Matt Holliday to the Cardinals. So not only did we get CarGo and Street but we also get Mortensen. Huge night tonight on the mound with Rox reeling, he settled the ship and got the win!

2) CarGo's homer in the going to cry to momma tonight about the humidor Mr Lincecum?

3) Four double plays tonight by the short of the team's record. Just call it the Eliminator

4) No strike outs by Fowler! Two hits by Lopez! Could the offense be awakening from its slumber?

5) Only 3 walks from Rox pitching staff versus eight from the opposition...a Rox win...a coincidence?

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