Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 10

- We have only played 10 games (remind myself again), we have only played 10 games (that is 6.2% of the season), we have only played 10 games (5 and half months until the playoffs start)...it's OK, I promise it will be OK...

-  I am just going to assume that last night didn't happen, that we didn't get beat by 6 runs to the worst team in baseball, a team that supposedly can't hit a ball out of a paper bag, and a team that just hit half of their hits for doubles...

-  How may times am I going to say this?  How is it that we continually get brutalized by teams coming into our park...this isn't how it is suppose to be.  Opponent's pitchers have no fear at Coors anymore.  Why is it other teams feast on the thin air and we are sucking wind?  After seven games this year we have been outscored 37-44 (throw out the  17-8 game and we have been outscored 20 - 36).

-  One problem might be the fact of the 10 games Rox have played in they have been behind in 8 of them fairly early.  Below is the sad fact that Rox are barely into the game and already having to press to catch up.  Not easy having to come from behind all the time...

Game 1 Down 1-0 in 1st
Game 2  Down 1-0 in 1st
Game 4  Down 2-0 in 3rd
Game 6  Down 1-0 in 3rd
Game 7  Down 2-1 in 1st
Game 8  Down 1-0 in 1st
Game 9  Down 2-0 in 1st
Game 10 Down 2-0 in 1st

-  I hate to tell Marketing but Rox were 15-24 last year wearing purple and are 0-2 this year.  Don't think Purple Mondays is going to last...

- Rox have faced 5 lefties this year and are 1-4.  Last year they faced 49 lefties in 162 games.  They won 26 of those games

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