Saturday, April 21, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 14

- One of those nights, especially after getting struck out on the side for the first inning.

- Rox were tied going into the 7th inning but Rogers, who up to this point has been Rox solid, but gave up 4 runs in the bottom half of inning.

- Pomeranz is scuffling in his first two starts.  Only going 5 innings he gave up 2 runs and had 3 walks.  He did have 6 strikeouts but threw 75 pitches.  He was perfect threw 4 but then fell apart.

- Helton hit is 3rd homer and now has 350 in the big leagues.  Good enough for 83 on the all time list tied with Chili Davis and Carlos Lee.  If he can get another 11 this season he would be tied with Joe DiMaggio in 73rd place.   Larry Walker is 58th with 383 and the Big Cat has 399.

-  Amazing to think we stand at 7-7 with our top to batters batting 0.204 and 0.205.

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