Monday, April 9, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 4

-Is there such a thing as a restart?  Yikes this could get ugly before year end...about the only positive I took from today's game was Roenicke's two scoreless innings

- I really try to look for positive things but when you get shut out on opening day against a pitcher who is considered washed up and of the four hits, one was a dribbler from your pitcher you really have to stop and say oh s*&#, it might be a long season

- Tulo and CarGo both had an error?  The day started with both the Red Sox and Yankees in last place...are we in bizarro world?

- Have to admit the first opening day I have been to that I didn't think Rox were ever in the ball game.  Really disappointing start of the season.  This isn't fun...

UPDATED - 148th time Rox have been shutout, 32nd time at home, third time at home by Giants, and second time at home by Zito (with the help of 3 relievers, back in April 2007)

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