Friday, April 20, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 13

-  Last year Rox won the first game of the road trip just four times (out of 12 times).  In the road trips they won the first game they were 17-14 overall in the other 8 road trips they went 18-32.

- How rare are 1 run wins?  Rox went 21-27 last year, 14-15 on the road.

- April MVP?  Got to be Cuddyer.  Worth the overpayment at this point.  Leads the team in hits and has a 0.3 WAR already

- Helton hit his 2nd home run for the season.

- Chacin had his best outing so far...only one walk and six strikeouts...even had a RBI single for the cause.

- Tulo continues to rake against the Brewers.  He is batting 0.398 with 12 doubles, 7 home runs, and 22 RBIs.

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