Thursday, April 26, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 18

- That was the 36th Double Header in Rox history.  They are 35-37 on double header days.  In those 36 double headers they have swept the games 10 times, lost both 11 times, and have split the series 15 times.  Eight of the games have gone into extra innings with one second game going to 15 innings!

- Rox finish their first 18 games or as I like to call it the first inning at 9-9.  The confounding part to me is that they went 2-4 in Houston and Pittsburgh against two teams with not a whole lot of talent.

- How long until the new, old Purple uniforms are banded from existence.  Rox are 0-3 with them.  Bet they don't wear them next Monday against the Dodgers?

- How long a leash does Chacin have?  With some talent in the minors we might see some changes.  Chacin is acting a lot like Ubaldo.

- Hernandez has had a quiet 3 home run year.

- Interestingly Tracy chose to try and win both games yesterday.  Didn't tank one of his lineups like you would expect.  Long season but you've got to get wins

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