Sunday, April 29, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 21

- Last year I was curious about game number and win/loss records.  After 19 years you would think that the record on any given game number would be close to 0.500 give or take except if you look below you see an outlier...and that would be Game 21.  Rox can't win when they play Game 21.  Today's loss adds to the futility as they are now 1-19 all time on Game 21.  Their only win came in 2010 against the D-Backs at home.  Thirteen of these games were on the road but still their second worst day they have at least won 3 games on Game 120 and Game 161.  Their best day?  14-5 on Game 93 (the year of their birth...)

- Rox came pretty close today rallying in the 8th and 10th only to see the Mets score in the Top of the 11th to go on to win.

- Old man Helton, who must have gotten pumped up with Peyton Manning's visit, hit his second pinch hit homer of the season and collected his 6th grand slam of his career.  Helton will probably take over Giambi's roll in another few years.  The way he can work counts is magic.  He is a special player, a true Rox Star.

- Not a good start to the home stand especially with the best player in baseball coming to town.  If I was Tracy I would intentional walk Kemp every time comes to the plate.  Rox might need to bring up an extra relief pitcher for the rest of the week to make it.

- Did some one turn off the humidor?

- Santana has now thrown 22 innings against Rox without allowing a run.  Rox had their chances as they had a runner on third 3 separate innings only to allow Santana to wiggle away.  And come on Giambi in the bottom of the 4th with CarGo on third with two outs and the shift on in a major way with Wright playing a shallow shortstop why couldn't you just bunt up the 3rd base line?  

- First time Cuddyer has faced his old team mate in Santana.  They were 22 year olds on the 2001 Minnesota Twins.

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