Sunday, April 15, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 8

- Nothing like a walk off early in the season to make baseball exciting.  Todd's 7th career walk off.  While baseball is a younger man's game Todd still means a lot to this team.  For example this year when Rox win he is 7/15 and 0/9 in losses (through 7 games).

- In 19 years, Rox have had 70 wins after entering the 9 inning losing.

- Back to Back by Colvin and Hernandez.  Last down almost a year ago by CarGo and Tulo.  With playing games at Coors this should happen a whole lot more!

- Cuddyer is quietly putting together a nice April.  Batting 0.406 after last night with a 0.441 OBP.  Maybe he was worth the extra $.  What I like was his hustle in the third inning beating a throw to first and allowing Fowler to score from second.  Also of note was how D-Backs shifted on him with the 1B almost  playing second base!

- O/U was 9.5.  15 total runs scored.

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