Sunday, April 15, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 9

- Well Pomeranz can officially say he now has a book out on thing he is going to have to correct is stolen bases...D-Backs stole four bases off of him today

- Pomeranz didn't exactly have a great day on the mound.  Got 13 outs with 100 pitches allowing 9 hits and 5 runs.  During the Spring he went 3-0 with 0.53 ERA.  He now as an astronomical 10.38 ERA.  Welcome to the Bigs kid...

- This might work early but come September this will be the club's Achilles heel.  For this series Rox starters worked a total of 11 innings and the bullpen has pitched 35 innings in 9 games.  Rox have pitched a total of 79 total innings this year!

- First series win against the D-Backs since 2010.  Last year went 5-13 against the Snakes.  Rox need to study the film and figure out how to get these guys out.  Montero, Parra, and Young just ate Rox pitching up this weekend...

- On paper the Rox Sunday lineup looked formable but yikes 6 hits and once again Rox are 0-2 on Sundays.  Cuddyer could probably use a day off going 0-3 today.  Herrera had a nice game collecting 3 of the 6 Rox hits.

-  Could lightning strike for the third time in this series?  Nope but bases were loaded with two outs and Tracy sent in Hernandez to pinch hit...come on Jimbo send in Helton...this was his series to win!   Would that not have been the best series ever?  Grand Slam in the bottom of 8th would have put us up 6-5 with Betancourt in for the save...if you believe in multiple universes this outcome did happen, somewhere ;)

- O/U was 9.5.  Total scored was 7.

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