Friday, April 27, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 19

-  On any normal day if your opponent gets 9 runs on 17 hits and one of your players hits for the cycle you probably be pretty happy with the win, unless you commit 6 errors and your opponent scores 18 runs!

-  Yikes two games this year the Rox have scored 17 and 18 runs.  In the previous 19 years Rox scored 17 runs five times and 18 runs four times.

- Both times this happened EY Jr got two at bats in the same inning as a pinch hitter

- Rox got their first grand slam of the year by Hernandez

- The clock has started on Fowler.  With him dropped to 8th in the lineup it is time to put up or shut up.

- Eleven runs in the 5th, some teams don't score that many runs in a series let alone a single inning!

- I love when CarGo gets it is such a sweet swing

- 11th time in Coors history that a player has hit for the cycle (5 by opponents and 6 by Rox).  According to Elias the cycle came with the largest margin of defeat by the team having the cycle since 1900.

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