Sunday, April 8, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 3

- @TroyRenck had a tweet that says Tracy didn't put Nelson for defense at 3B because he would lose Hernandez as a pinch hitter therefore Tracy must have been thinking that the game might get tied (at the time Rox held a slight 2-1 lead)....I'm sorry but if you have the lead, you do everything you can to maintain that lead including putting in Helton at first and Nelson at 3B for defensive purposes.  Yeah it's early in the year but you can't be giving up wins.  This one goes towards Tracy (he is 0-1), Rox are 1-1...

-  Not to be alarmist but after a 3 game series in a ballpark that is offensive the Rox leave with a slugging percentage of 0.356 with 5 doubles, triple, and 3 home runs with only 10 runs (on pace for 540 runs ;)

-  Who needs Dex?  Colvin had a nice over the shoulder grab in Center today.

-  Nice start by Nicasio.  7 innings pitched with a pitch count of only 82.  This game should have gone in the win column, thanks Tracy.

- Brothers was obviously rattled by the error...too bad but will need to learn that is baseball especially if he becomes a closer.

- Giambi tied Mark McGwire for 38th with 1,317 walks with 3 today...really have to wonder way everyone got a start today with Pacheco at 3B, Herrera at 2B, Giambi at 1B, Rosario at C, and Colvin at CF.  Win series Mr Tracy...

- Rox are now 5-9 in 3-game series in Houston.

- RISP Rox were 0-5 making it 3-17 for the weekend...see that Lansford is on the top of his game once again this year...

- O/U was 8 runs.  5 runs were scored.

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