Sunday, April 22, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 15

- Tracy won his 800th game.  Rox are 238-217 with him as the manager.  Interesting article here at Hardball Times about the rise and fall of our favorite (?) manager.

-Belisle has given up just 1 hit in the 7 games he has pitched @alanarizzoToday he stared down the barrel of a shotgun and got Braun to pop out, Ramirez to fly out, and Hart to strike out with two runners on.  Belisle also has not allowed a run in 15.1 innings dating back to Sept 2011.

-A series win!  Third series win in row over Arizona, San Diego, and now the Brewers.  Only 10 road series win last year.

- Cuddyer has two big hits during the series and arguably is the reason why Rox took 2 of 3.

-  Nice outing by Guthrie.  He ain't flashy but he is living up to what we needed and that is a guy who is going to give you 6-7 innings a start.  At least keeps the team in it.

- A rare Sunday win although Tracy didn't go with an all bench team today.  He sat out only Fowler and Helton.  Colvin again played a good center and added one hit.  Has a 0.323 average.

- Tulo was glad for a 3 game series in Milwaukee.  Upped his average to 0.296 from 0.244

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