Thursday, April 12, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 6

- Baseball is truly a confounding can you the night before have 22 hits and 17 runs and then be reduced to no hit baseball for 5 innings?

- The ageless one pitched OK, kept the team in the game, but again was let down by his fielders.  Two more errors to go along with the one in Houston.  Team has 8 errors through 6 games...on pace for 216 errors!

- Bumgarner is 2-3 against Colorado with 7 starts.  He has a 2.05 ERA with 43 hits in 44 IP and 10 earned runs, so I guess we can move on to the next gauntlet.

- Is Tyler Colvin going to be playing more in Center?  Hate to say it but with Dex's lack of hitting and errors in the field it will be harder and harder to keep trotting him out there.

- Rox currently have 5 triples and 3 homers...on pace for 135 triples and only 81 homers!

- Scutaro is not a lead off hitter...think the Rox should think about putting CarGo there, followed by Colvin, Helton, Tulo, Cuddyer, Catcher, Nelson, Scutaro, Pitcher

- O/U for the game was 8.5.  Total scored was 6.

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