Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 11

- 49 years, 150 days young Jamie Moyer won his 268th game last night becoming the oldest pitcher ever to win a MLB game.

Fun Facts (for me anyway):
1) He has faced 23 Hall of Famers (see link).  Struck out Nolan Ryan 5 times.  Faced Mike Schmidt 33 times. Faced Jim Rice and Don Sutton (Yikes he is old!)
2)  Barry Bonds faced him 42 times and has 0.216 batting average against him
3)  Dodgers manager Don Mattingly faced him 23 times and has six hits and one strikeout, White Sox manager Robin Ventura faced him 18 times and had 5 hits and 4 strikeouts, Yankees manager Joe Girardi faced him 13 times with one hit and 4 strikeouts, D-Backs manager Kirk Gibson faced him 10 times with 4 hits and one strikeout, Angels manager Mike Scioscia faced him 9 times with two hits, and San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy faced him 8 times with one hit.
4)  Todd Helton has 22 at bats with 5 hits
5)  He faced Bo Jackson 17 times
6) Faced Eric Young and Eric Young, Jr (Junior has one more hit than dad did), faced Prince and Cecil Fielder (Prince is batting 0.200 and his dad 0.189), Buddy and David Bell, and Bob, Bret, and Aaron Boone, to name a few...
7)  Faced the three Molina brothers (Yadier, Jose, and Bengie) although one has never caught for him
8) Faced Rox pitching coach Carney Lansford (2 hits and 2 strikeouts) and first base coach Glenallen Hill (only 4 hits in 25 plate appearances)
9)  One good reason Moyer joined the Rox?  He is 1-5 against us lifetime (his worse record against any team, owns the Nats though at 13-4)
10)  Loves Bank One and Petco (6-0 lifetime) but hates AT&T and Dodger Stadium (1-6 lifetime).  Has pitched in 49 different parks
11) Starting salary in 1986 at age 23 was $60,000 and made $8M at 47 with Phillies in 2010.
12) Made first All Star team when he was 40.
13) Has never hit a homerun, never stolen a base, been hit by one pitch, and has collected 49 hits

-  Fun game all around last night although what does Tulo have against Moyer?  In his 3 starts, Tulo has like 6 errors...

-  Dex leads the team with two home only has 9 home runs to this point (but 7 triples)

-  Beautiful double play turned by Brothers in the 8th.  Wow he was quick off the mound.  Bang bang play.

-  First game I have sat through a Huston Street pitching performance in like 2 years, of course it helps with him on the other team.

-  Crazy winds late in the game.  Couple of at bats the ball really flew off the bat only to die in the air (except for right field...jet stream over there)

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