Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 16

- As the radio broadcast team reminded me on my drive home, the Pirates have never had a winning season since the Rox have been in existence...wow that is a long time

- Moyer is 2-5 all time in Pittsburgh but 30-23 in Philly.  A tale of two cities in Pennsylvania

- Go figure we heap praise on Belisle on Sunday and then he gives it up tonight.  His error allowed the winning run to eventually score...that gosh darn defense at it again

- Anyone as uncomfortable as I am when we face former Rox, like tonight with Hurdle managing and Barmes at the plate.  Barmes came into the game with 3 hits 30 at bats and then proceeds to go 3 for 3 tonight with 2 doubles and a home run to tie the game in the 8th...ughhhhhh

- Too bad since CarGo went deep twice and had three of Rox six hits.

- Another nice night for Moyer.  Guy could be 4-0 if it wasn't for Tulo's bad defense and a bad bullpen.  Can't the baseball gods give a 49 year old a break once in a while?

- See the Pirates are making it happen in Pittsburgh, a whooping 10,484 showed up to the ballpark tonight.  Frankly Pittsburgh deserves better than this.  They have a great ballpark (it serves Yuengling for god's sake) and a rich baseball history.  Dumb luck like the Rox making the World Series would suggest the Pirates should fall into a winning season once in a while, yes?

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