Sunday, April 8, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 2

- 6 Degrees of Baseball?  Yup Moyer and Cy Young forever connected...

- Trivia question on the broadcast last night and support from @Bill_TPA but Moyer has faced 8.9% of all hitters in baseball history...

- Oh yeah a 49 year old started for the Rox.  Second oldest ever to start a game.  The career active leader in victories (267).

- Unfortunately Rox took a page from how the Astros played the previous night, committing three errors and just never really let Moyer get settled in.

- Rox are just plain awful at Minute Maid Park.  12-28 record its the Astros 2nd best record against any NL team.

- 4 out of the 7 hits by the new guys...maybe we should have gotten rid of everyone and started a completely new team!

- 0-3 with RISP.

- Games O/U was 9.0.  Total scored was 10.

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