Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Box Score Bytes - Game 17

- Three hits and two runs on sacrifice fly balls give Rox a win .  54th time in Rox history that they have been 3 hit.  Rox are 89-254 when scoring just 2 runs.

- Nice bounce back win for the bullpen.  They record 7 outs allowing no base runners and record 5 strikeouts.

- Too bad Nicasio's great start doesn't earn him a W.  Off course Pittsburgh's starter goes 7 innings and allows one run on one hit with 8 strike outs and gets nothing too.

- Wonder if the early morning, Denver time, messed with the lineup?  Fortunately a nice quick game and no high bullpen usage.  Wonder how it feels to play 18 innings in a day?

- Nice to see Tracy go to defense in the 9th putting Todd there.  Imagine Todd will get the nod this afternoon.

- Betancourt gets his 6th save.

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